Manifesting the Higher Self: The Mandalas of Burton Kopelow
16/03/2018 10:12 (GMT+7)
For the creative artist, painting is the passion in which the soul engages mortal questions of great consequence. The work of art, as it leads us to the Frontiers of Perception, becomes the medium which gives access to New States of Consciousness. Though the art remains the motive force, it becomes less important than the state of mind to which it leads. (Burton Kopelow)
Seamless Stitches: From Emptiness, Springs Form – Helene Rein's Crafted Works
14/06/2017 11:09 (GMT+7)
A long-time Vajrayana Buddhist practitioner, Helene Rein moves seamlessly between contemplation and immersion in the natural environment of tactile crafts. As a child growing up in Norway, Helene created homemade gifts, such as embroidery, cross-stitched pillows, lavender sachets, and wall-hangings. Her mother embroidered all the flowers and designs on her bunad, a traditional Norwegian costume. She attended the Waldorf High School in Stavanger which helped deepen her experience of making things by hand. Helene’s Buddhist meditation teacher Lama Padma Drimed Norbu, also likes making things. Helene says he exemplifies making practical items that are pleasing and functional as a practice, and they both enjoy arranging beautiful objects in unusual ways, from small offerings to large retreat spaces.

Guggenheim Museum Presents Wang Jianwei:
10/08/2014 16:41 (GMT+7)
From 31 October 2014 through 16 February 2015, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum will present Wang Jianwei: Time Temple, an immersive exhibition of new work by the Beijing-based artist and his first solo museum exhibition in North America. Wang is recognized within China for his bold conceptual practice and vital contributions to the avant-garde and experimental art movements of the reform era that spans the early 1980s to the present day. Informed by critical theory and philosophy, his work links formal concerns about art making and process with inquiries into contemporary society and the experience of time.
“Wisdom & Compassion” art exhibition at Mokspace, London
14/05/2013 21:09 (GMT+7)
Mokspace welcomes you to an exciting new exhibition of 'Wisdom and Compassion' based on the teachings of Buddha. This exhibition shows Buddhism in new light of the contemporary 21st century, contrasting from the origins of when this philosophical journey began centuries ago. These harmonious statements celebrate the birth of Buddha, usually celebrated amongst others with lanterns and lights, but our team of artists each presents their interpretations of this event as a way of celebration. We present to you with works of paintings, installations, photography and sculptures to give you a better understanding of Buddhism as a whole.

Namo Amitabha
12/07/2011 03:08 (GMT+7)
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