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How To Practise Mindfulness Of The Breathing
August 18, 2013
19/08/2013 11:15 (GMT+7)
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I Adapt your daily life so as to be conducive to practising mindfulness of the breathing Lead an uncomplicated life — reduce or eliminate unnecessary activities such as eating, working, traveling, and social functions. Don’t worry about losing friends; some old friends may move away, but you will gain new good friends (kalyanamitta).


Concentrate on fulfilling your duties. Allocate more time for the important aspect of life; that is, find time for the study and practice of the dhamma. Compose your actions and speech by observing the following precepts and maintain a healthy mind:

- Prepare a suitable place If you can find a quiet place, that is best. Find a room or comer in your home where you will not be disturbed by others.

- Prepare your body Finish all matters that have to do with others. Wash yourself. You should not be too hungry or too full. Some light exercise is good in order to prepare your body for lengthy sitting.

- Prepare your mind Ask yourself if you have matters needing immediate attention. If yes, take care of them or note them down to remind yourself of all future commitments, e.g. tomorrow you have to meet someone or get someone to do something, so that you have nothing more to worry about. Once you have done this and are free from all worries, both internal and external, allow your mind to be neutral and serene.

- Observe mindfulness of the breathing The first step is to try to preserve the good feelings or wholesome states of mind (kusalacitta) with every in- and out-breath. In whatever posture, be it standing, walking, sitting or lying down, focus on the breath, cling to it as you would to your best friend. With mindfulness and clear comprehension, be conscious of the mind, whether pleasure or displeasure arises, so as not to cling to or follow cognitive objects or craving (tanha). Take deep breaths, release extended and relaxed exhalations while maintaining a continuous and unbroken awareness at each and every in- and out - breath. Sustain a tranquil and joyful mind.

Source : thesevenpracticesforahelthymind.blogspot.com


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