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How To Stop Pointless Internet Browsing And Enjoy Life Outside
05/01/2014 16:29 (GMT+7)
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Happy GirlHave you seen families out to dinner with each member fixated on their smart phone as they spoon food into mouth, pausing only to breathe and guzzle soda? Or even worth: young guys instead of checking women out over next table or talking with each other in a youthful way, feel the need to tell everyone on their social network page just how much fun they claim to be having. Sure you have caught yourself lingering at the computer after work, doing nothing important even as a gorgeous spring day ticked away into the ether of time right outside the window. So, how to stop this? Here are tricks to reach that goal.

Analytics application for managing time. If you depend on a computer for your employment, the app will let you know where you are wasting time on that computer. It will bring up how much active time you spend on different applications and websites. You often do not know how wasteful you spend your time until you see it laid out in front of you in details, so it can be very useful for identifying your problem. It also allows you to get focused and prevents from visiting the most disruptive pages.

Use application- self control. It allows you to put any website on a blacklist. As long as you activate the timer, you will be unable to visit the blacklist websites for the time you have allotted. Even if you restart your computer or try to delete the program, you will remain barred from the offending websites. Self Control will prove invaluable for the persons with absolutely zero willpower. You should use Self Control to get your work done faster.

Tired Woman Near Computer Take scheduled breaks. No one can work straight through for several hours without a break. Take real breaks- scheduled ones. Try taking a 15 minute break for every 60 minutes of solid work. You are going to take breaks regardless; you may as well try to make them work not against but for you.

Break away from the computer. Stand up and do a quick 15 minute workout. Do some pushups, air squats and pull ups. Watch how long you can hold a plank. Meditate or take a short walk outside. In case if it is a real busy day, step away from the keyboard and give ponderous thought to the tasks. You may have a breakthrough or revelation that will boost your efficiency. And even if you do not, your break won’t have been wasted online.

Set one hours of non-Internet time. You can use your phone to listen to music as you go about a day. You can use your computer to have a look on stored photos or draw something. Set aside an hour out of every day to not use the Internet. Use this time to cook and enjoy your meal, hang around with loved ones and friends, go for a walk, lift weight or do other exercises, read an interesting book, write a letter, pet your cat /dog or look at nature. Just do not take out the smart phone or open the laptop for that one hour.

Young Businessman Make plans with friends. Instead of chatting to your friend who you have not seen for months say to grab dinner next Wednesday. Get it? In the real life, you are not planning anything. You are just saying stuff to make yourself feel better for not having seen your friend. In my example, you are actually making plans to meet your friend. You have to commit.

Go Camping. Whenever you go camping, you forget about the emails, the backed up posts in the queue, the blog post ideas, whatever projects you are working on, and your phone. Sure, maybe for the first few hours you will pace around the campground trying to find the spot that offers phone options, but that soon falls by the other side. The phone may be put away or used to play some tunes at night and you lose yourself in the great big wild. And then you end up finding yourself, do you know what I mean?


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