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Wellington Week of Meditation
Scoop Independent News, Diamond Way Buddhist Centre
26/08/2013 15:03 (GMT+7)
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August 26 -- Wellington Week of Meditation - Extensive meditation and lecture course.
The Diamond Way Buddhist Centre in Wellington will host a meditation and lecture course with Buddhist teachers Florinda & Guido Czeija, starting Thursday 5th September. The programme includes lectures by Buddhist teachers, questions & answers and guided meditation sessions. This is a unique opportunity to listen to Buddhist teachings presented from a secular perspective.


 Photo Source: http://meditateinwellington.org/

The topics that will be covered are:

“Karma, cause and effect”
“How to deal with disturbing emotions”
“How real is the reality? The views of Buddhism and science”
“Buddhism in everyday life”

Florinda & Guido Czeija are experienced Buddhist teachers who are invited to give lectures worldwide. They are coming to New Zealand as part of their Transpacific Tour.

Guido Czeija studied physics and mathematics at Vienna and Berlin, specializing in the foundations of quantum physics. He has been teaching Buddhism since 2006.

Florinda Czeija is a physiotherapist and mother, and founder of the School for Visceral Therapy and Integrative Manual Treatment Methods. She has been teaching Buddhism since 2006.

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